One of the joys of working in a non-traditional, web-focused fashion, is that we are able to explore facets of the Relativity universe that would be nearly impossible in a book-only environment. One of the fun parts of immersing yourself in a literary world is travelling outside of the main storyline, to delve into the backstories, to learn the tidbits, to acquaint yourself with the stuff you always wanted to know but simply weren’t covered in the main story-telling. What really happened between Bling and Sara? When Madge was introduced to the team, what was the meeting like? How did Ravenswood and Melody end up together? Since we often ask questions like that of our favorite stories, we wanted to cover that kind of thing with Relativity.

This & That is a collection of “side-stories.” They are not required reading. You could follow the main storyline and never read one of these tales and still have a wonderful, rich experience. However, for the readers who want to know a little bit more and have some fun along the way, this is a collections of stories which will help fill in the gaps, but will also provide some fun outside the general seriousness of the crimefighting story-arcs.

It should be noted that the stories in this anthology were not all written in a linear fashion. Some are a bit experimental. Some cover serious subject matters, while others are just downright silly. The majority were written with a purpose, meaning that we wanted to tell a tale that didn’t quite fit into the main continuity. Others, however, were more spontaneous, written for contests or as the result of writing prompts to broaden our writing skills. To that end, you’ll find full-length stories, shorter pieces, as well as micro-fiction. For the curious, at the end of the anthology, we will discuss the origins of some of the more eclectic pieces.

It should also be noted that the stories in this anthology are not listed in chronological order. Some occur years before the storyline, which began in Lost & Found. Others take place during the current continuity, in the “in-between” times. Others may peek a bit into the future. A notation will appear at the top of each story to help give an indication of where the story falls in the general history.

The next anthology in the series, Love & Politics, is set to publish in June. Until then, we hope this collection entertains and satiates your appetite for a bit more Relativity.



—Michelle Lehmann