When Jim and I started working on the basic framework for Relativity in early 2010, the idea of writing and finalizing our first book seemed a lifetime away. Now, here we are publishing our third. It’s been an amazing experience, and we’re excited that in many ways it’s one that has still only just begun.

What was exciting about working on this anthology is that we were able to focus on “regular stories.” Much of Book 2 was dedicated to re-uniting the Bruce family and the revelation of secrets. This collection lets us start dipping our toes into the pool of villains that will frequent the series, as well as introducing some of the key players who will be important as the story continues. Not all the heroes, or the villains for that matter, wear a mask or cape.

In the past, we’ve shared what we feel our favorite story of the bunch is. I personally love the story-telling format of Skeletons and the family drama that plays out on its pages. Though, at the end of the day, I think that is nudged out by Jim’s favorite: “August Moon”. It’s a firm criminal-of-the-week story, but has quite an edge. I’m also proud of it as it was originally written twenty years ago as a Dark Flame story and re-worked for Relativity.

The next anthology is our side-story compilation which we are anticipating publication in early to mid 2014, with Book 4 coming shortly thereafter. We hope to see you then.


—Michelle Lehmann