When we started Relativity back in 2009, we knew the story could not be told in a traditional fashion. For the most part, it would follow a linear path, but there would be the occasional detour and side-trip. Consisting mostly of short stories (with art and other media to round out the experience), we realized that after the opening novel, a series of anthologies would continue the adventures of Team Torrent.

It should be noted that our approach to the story-telling in Relativity may be a bit unconventional. While the majority of the “episodes” will be a mystery/villain of the week story, there are some tales that are simply character dramas, giving more insight into the lives and personalities of the main players.

The benefit of an anthology, as with any collection of short stories—and much like episodic tv—is that you can skip the occasional story if it doesn’t interest you and still follow along. That said, there are nuggets of information peppered in throughout the various episodes, so there is a benefit to reading everything, particularly as the series progresses and bigger things start to happen.

On a bit of a trivia note, my favorite episode in this collection is a tie between “Cricket” and “Happy Hour”. Jim’s favorite is “My Big Fat Superhero Wedding”. Whatever your favorite story is in this anthology, we hope you enjoy them all and will be with us when we publish Book 3 of the series in December 2013.


—Michelle Lehmann