Chapter 15


Overcast and Black Torrent made it to the edge of the rooftop. It had been a quiet patrol, in more ways than one. The weather had taken a turn downward. Colder temperatures usually meant a welcomed dip in crime. However, the climate between the men was equally chilly.

After Ravenswood had returned from talking to Sara, Yule had insisted they have a team meeting. The elder man had made it clear that despite the revelations of the past few weeks, nothing had changed with respect to their crimefighting. He insisted they remain enigmatic and secretive... and more importantly, that they shouldn’t reveal their identities to the Dark Flame or Sara Wolff. Overcast and Zephyra had agreed. Despite her seeming innocence, she had been involved with Martin Bling for an extended period of time, and her crime work was mostly secretive; there was too much risk involved to bring her into the know.

Unfortunately, Michael did not agree. It was clear he had already formed an affection for his sister, and the fact that he would have to hide a large part of himself from her did not sit well with him. He had argued that she had assisted them on many cases and that her daytime work was a testament to her character. But Yule would not be deterred. After an hour of arguing, Michael had finally relented and promised to do as told. Ravenswood was convinced his friend had given in out of sheer exhaustion rather than belief that his father was right.

The two crimefighters had then headed out on patrol. During their three hour sweep of the east side of the city, Torrent had spent most of the time in a deep silence. Overcast was afraid that if he said something, it would make the situation worse. So he kept quiet and hoped his friend’s somber mood would pass.

Pulling a grappling gun from his belt, Gale’s hero shot a cable to a building across the street. The men slid across on ziplines, landing on the slate rooftop. From their new vantage point they could see several lower rooftops in the distance. On the far corner of a nearby apartment building, a sole figure sat. Overcast could see Torrent’s muscles tense, his jaw tightening in painful recognition. It was Dark Flame. Her face was buried in her hands, and from her subtle movements, it was clear she was crying.

“It’s not fair. She doesn’t know anything.”

Overcast sighed, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Your dad’s right. It’s too dangerous right now. We need to wait, to see how everything works out.”

“But she’s out there all alone... and I can’t do anything to help her.”

“It won’t be that way forever.”

Through the ordeals of the recent days, Ravenswood had seen his friend go through a roller coaster of emotions. He had felt helpless watching the man dredge through the horrors of his past, and confront the uncertainties of the future. But as Michael stared down at his sister, there was something else in his eyes, a rawness and hurt he had never seen in him before.

“Hey, guys.”

Both men whirled around, fists clenched.

Zephyra giggled, amused that she had startled them. “What’s up?”

“Nothing. Slow night,” Overcast informed.

“Well, are you up for some action?”

“What do you have in mind?” Michael spoke in his Torrent voice.

The woman pointed to the uptown skyline. A light on the top of the Gale Financial Building flashed. “Police got wind of a huge drug deal set for tonight. They’d love to have Team Torrent as backup.”

Overcast smiled, thankful for the distraction. “I’m game.”

Torrent looked back. In the distance, Dark Flame glanced up, noticing the crimefighters for the first time. She quickly turned, disappearing off the roof.

Overcast struggled to come up with something to say. He wasn’t good at comforting words or helping others to cope. Instead, he repeated what he’d said earlier. “It won’t be forever.”

Torrent sighed and returned his gaze to his friends. “All right. Let’s go.”