Twenty-five years ago, two kids fresh out of high school independently came up with a couple of fictional characters. These young authors began developing the characters and creating a universe around them. Those kids eventually met and started to create works together. Over the next two decades, those characters would grow and change. The creators would write stories about them, utilize them in role-playing, and even incorporate them into other fictional works.

Sara Wolff and Ravenswood Cadavre were those characters, created by my husband and me. Over those many years, we wrote numerous fictional works featuring them, but the bulk of our involvement was through a role-playing campaign in which they were players in a DC-based superhero universe. Since the characters started in their own universe, outside of any licensed world, our goal was always to bring them back to their own unique setting. With Relativity, we were able to do that.

Lost & Found is a stand-alone novel, but it is also the beginning of a longer series. It’s Episode One to a fiction serial that will continue for some time. In this story, there are things that are said, plot points that are established, and questions that are asked that won’t be resolved until much later. So, while it is an enjoyable read on its own, readers should keep those things in mind. We liken Lost & Found to a television mini-series; a multi-part story that sets the stage for a weekly one-hour series. While Relativity is prose, you may find that it reads like episodic t.v. and that’s intentional.

The continuing episodes of the series will be more short-story in nature. Our plans are to periodically publish anthologies of groups of those stories so that readers can continue to enjoy them in a more formal novel format. Such anthologies will be distributed through entities such as However, each individual episode will be freely available on the website.

We hope you like Lost & Found and will join us for the future adventures of Team Torrent.


—Michelle Lehmann