Audio Book:

You can now download the audio book for Lost & Found, which was created using purchased voices through Future anthologies will utilize Amazon Polly voices. Please note that the audio books are generated using text-to-speech technology (as opposed to a real person reading), so the pronunciation of some words is not perfect. However, the quality is still very good—unlike the computerized voices of years past—and provides a new way for our readers to enjoy the series.

Click here to download audio books for use on your phone or MP3 player.

You can also listen to our audio books online by visiting our YouTube channel.


We offer the Relativity anthologies in several formats. MOBI is for Amazon Kindle, while EPUB is generally for other eReaders. PDF is the universal format which is typically compatible with all other devices, including cell phones and tablets.

We offer each book with a choice of covers. The official cover (created by Francisco Etchart) is better viewed on larger screens, whlie the standard cover (art by ThreshTheSky) is often preferred by those viewing on smaller screens.


Standard Cover

Collector's Cover
Lost & Found in PDF format Lost & Found in PDF format
Lost & Found in EPUB format Lost & Found in EPUB format
Lost & Found in MOBI (Kindle) format Lost & Found in MOBI (Kindle) format


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