Moving Along

Things are progressing well behind-the-scenes. We are happy to announce that we have finished adding stories from Book 2 to the site, along with a few stories from Book 3 and the 1st side story anthology. All episodes are going through a minor polish/edit phase. Nothing significant has changed, but during our downtime we made a few character adjustments and minor story edits, which are reflected in the current versions. So, if you have an earlier copy of the books, do consider grabbing the most recent versions. 

The task of getting the episodes in audio form is a bit laborious, as we want the recordings to sound as good as possible using the text-to-speech technology available to us. This includes creating Youtube versions which are easy to access from anywhere. This process takes some time, so please be patient as we continue to "audio-ize" each story. 

As for Relativity itself, we are excited to work on the stories that are coming up. We plan to continue with many of the arcs which were started in previous books, but also plan to run with new ideas we've developed over the hiatus. We're confident the story will be better than ever when we return, and we hope you agree! 

As for the website, we plan to add more art soon, and are working on a fun new way to view bonus content. Stay tuned.

After such a long road to get here, it's wonderful to be "back in the saddle." Again, our continued thanks to our friends and fans. Your understanding and support has meant the world to us. <3

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