It's Been a While...

It's a bit sad to think that the last Relativity episode published in December of 2016. Life had been throwing us curveball after curveball, and we realized we simply could not focus on our real-time drama and do justice to the story. So, with a heavy heart, we placed the series on indefinite hiatus, with the hopes of re-opening when life calmed a bit. I do have to admit, as we slogged through difficult times, it felt that day would never come.

Thankfully, bad times pass, and even the most arduous and trying of times ease so one can take a breath. Though life is still far from perfect, we're at a much better place, and we simply miss our beloved characters too much to ignore them any longer.

As you can see, the site redesign we premiered a few months ago has been expanded to include some new features. However, one thing remains—a strong focus on story. The site was developed with the main goal of making it easy for our fans to read the stories, as well as giving them new ways to enjoy the series. Relativity is available for online reading, offline download, and in audiobook format.

There are other goodies, such as our art gallery (which we hope to add to periodically), music, and other ways to immerse yourself in the Relativity universe. These things are meant to be a compliment to the universe, not a distraction—and we have reimagined the site with that in mind.

Right now, we are in the process of adding the episodes/books to the site a few a week, so that our fans can re-aquaint themselves with the story. New episodes are set to publish at the end of summer, as we push to the end of Book 7 and on to the beginning of Book 8 (featuring the first appearance of Sparkz and Tony Toronto joining the cast as a semi-regular).

We once again thank everyone for your patience and support through this time, and we hope to continue to entertain you as we move into the future.

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