Gale City. A metropolis riddled with crime, with a police force struggling to keep up. The citizens have come to expect corruption and go about their daily lives, resigned to the fact things will always be that way.

Until a hero from the past re-appears...

Relativity follows the adventures of the crimefighter, the Black Torrent, and his teammates. Committed to making a change, the group juggle life, work, and relationships, while secretly donning a costume nightly to protect the city. Though based around the superhero mythos, the story is about the humans beings behind the masks and the relationships that bind them. Whether forged in blood or circumstance, family is relative.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHORS: In November 2016, due to family problems, Relativity went on hiatus. We are still officially “on hold.” However, several people have inquired about the series and asked if there was anywhere they could read the stories. We made the decision to reopen the site with an updated edition of the first book, and plans to add the other books periodically. Our hope is that once our personal situation gets better, we’ll begin to write new stories—hopefully sometime in early 2018. Until then, please check back as we make the other books available for online reading and download.

As a special treat, and a thank-you for our fans’ loyalty, we will be offering an audio book version of Book 1 available for download in the upcoming weeks. While we don’t plan to offer all the books in audio format, we hope that the ease of “reading” the first installment will help whet the appetite and get people interested in the series.

We thank you all for your continued support and patience.